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" ”[…]from post-rock storm assaults to strobing kosmische soundscapes and epic horrorcore riffs, all played with the cool intuition and hipster stealth of the best jazz trios.”

**** MOJO, Andrew Male



With synths, guitars, drums and effect boxes, the members of Cakewalk improvise intense and captivating drones and riffs. Their music spans a wide range of styles and influences, including motoric Krautrock, industrial electronic music, noise-rock and psychedelia.


It is hectic and energetic, and the three musicians push each idea and every riff to the boiling point, and then cool your ears off with brilliantly controlled introspective sound improvisation.


The members of Cakewalk hail from some of Norway's most renowned bands within pop, stoner rock and experimental electronica


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photo: Kristoffer Øen

photo: Kristoffer Øen

Contact: gautier(a)deftartists(dot)com Phone: +47 461 21 446